The Wild Grace Immersion

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A circle of women dedicated to finding their true self and renewed passion for life.

I’m looking for 12 women ready for a journey of transformation, sisterhood, and mentorship. Now enrolling for September 2018.

You find yourself awake at night worried that you didn’t do enough, that you aren't enough, that you’ve missed the boat. You worry that you’ve already failed. You feel trapped, like you have something burning inside of you, but you don’t know how to let it out.

Every day you promise yourself that today is the day when you will take that first step towards realizing your dreams, but for some reason it hasn’t happened.

You look at other women and are convinced that they have it all together, they are living lives they love, they have perfect relationships, perfect families, perfect careers, and you ask yourself, why not me? You feel like you’ve lost yourself, or perhaps never found her to begin with.

You long for the freedom to just be yourself and to let out your roar. You long to feel confident and sexy in your body. You long for deep authentic connection and the inspiration to live fully as the amazing woman you truly are.

With everything happening in the world right now, you know that now is the time, but you just don’t know where to begin.

You crave sisterhood—a tight-knit group of women that sees you for all that you are and that you get to keep forever.

Welcome home, Sister. You are not alone. You are in the right place.

When was the last time you listened to what you truly desire?

Imagine if for the next three months you had the support to bring your own needs into the foreground. Imagine if you had the tools to help you find yourself again, to help you trust, release, and become more of who you are. Imagine connecting with other women in a safe container where you get to explore the depths and raw parts of yourself that often stay in the shadows. Imagine finding the courage to surrender to your inner calling.

Michelle’s Inspiration

I was raised by the most amazing woman ever (my mother), but she did not know how to stand up for herself, and I watched her live a life that was not entirely fulfilling to her. She was a strong woman with much to give, but she never fully let her roar out. She never took the opportunity to fully become who she was. I think shame and fear were holding her back. My mom passed away at the young age of 56 from breast cancer, and she has since been my inspiration to lead a different kind of life.

Ten Years ago, when I started planning my first business, Bloom Retreat, I honestly had no idea that it would involve an incredible journey of personal growth and self-expansion. Right after we opened our doors, I had a crisis moment where I was sitting in my car outside the space quietly reflecting on what the hell I was doing there. The business was challenging me in the deepest of ways. It challenged me to look at myself, what I truly value, and what I really want from life, then to go after it with all my heart and soul. It challenged me to keep going deeper into myself, to find my voice, and to say what I really want to say. It challenged me to stand up for myself in ways I never imagined. It was bringing out my creative, feminine, warrior side. It called for me to expand in all the beautiful ways that my mom never had the opportunity to explore.

The Practice® has been my vehicle for spiritual opening – for coming home to myself. We all have different vehicles, passions, and ways that we can be challenged, but so often we don’t know how to access what we truly desire, or how to accept the challenge when it is presented to us.

Over the past five years, while working intimately with thousands of women, I have learned that collectively we are hurting. We are hurting because we haven’t taken the opportunity to ask ourselves what we truly yearn for. Without understanding that, how can we meet the challenge to be our very best selves? Often we feel lost, like we are living untouched and unfulfilled lives, and it hurts.

Cards and Candles

Discover a new path of courage, commitment, and a deep sense of trust.

Women need sacred community, trustworthy mentorship, and sisterhood because we are not meant to do this alone.

I want to invite you to join The Wild Grace Immersion. This 3-month intimate experience is designed for a small group of women that will become your tribe. We begin to discover our passions, our needs, and how to feel good again. We do this through mentorship, support circles, sisterhood, accountability, movement, play, and discovery. We look at our fears and desires, explore our passions, move our bodies, and quiet our minds. Through real conversations we realize that we are not alone. Through deep listening to that inner voice inside, we find our Wild Grace.

I created The Wild Grace Immersion because I believe that there is a new paradigm being born, with women in the lead. We are women determined to live inspired lives that we feel good about. We want to feel inspired in the way we love, work, create, and play. To do this, we need to care for ourselves. And we need support. The Immersion will bring together a supportive circle of women to help you stay true to yourself, those you love, and your dreams.

Each year, I mentor a small group of women in their growth and expansion. We may be women in any phase of our lives. We may be business owners, career women, stay-at-home moms, sisters, wives, single women, divorced women, and women in transition. What we all have in common is that we are seeking to deepen our sense of self and lived a more aligned life. This is for women ready to go deep and ready to transform.

We’re a tribe of women renewing our dedication to deep personal growth and gorgeous self care. We lift each other up, work together, heal, and dance our way back to true and joyful balance in our lives.

Love your life. Nourish your body. Nurture your heart. Change your world.

Now Enrolling! Get your application today.

Now Is Your Time
To Take a Journey Just for You

Here’s some of what you get…

What the journey includes…

Two Day Retreats
Together we connect, explore our shadows and blocks, dive into conversations about what it means to be a woman today, how to find our voice, and break out of old patterns that keep us small and stuck. We explore through conversations, ritual, writing, and movement. We release fear, gain clarity, and feel more grounded.

Group Coaching
Each month you will have a dedicated 60-minute small group coaching session and four other women. Here you will get to go deep. This is an opportunity to witness your sisters in a more intimate setting and learn from each other’s healing process. We will explore what you want to create and pursue. We will talk about health, business, life, and relationships. Nothing is off the table. You get to choose where you want to go.

Soul Sister Circles
Bi-weekly we will meet as a group to continue deepening into ourselves and each other. This is where we will take the teachings of The Practice to the next level. I (Michelle) will guide us in ways where we feel comfortable to share our fears and allow insight and support from the group to heal us along our journey. 

rose illustration

A Sacred Spot in The Practice® 10-Week Program
Enjoy a spot in The Practice 10-week program throughout your journey. Move your body, connect with yourself each week, and sink in again with a group of like-minded women. This is your weekly touch point with yourself, and of course, you will connect with your sisters even more deeply.

In Addition

  • The option to upgrade to additional private monthly coaching with Michelle
  • A bonus 60-minute massage
  • Trustworthy mentorship
  • Access to The Immersion private Facebook page
  • Sisterhood you will get to keep forever
  • Plus in-house resources, books, ideas, referrals, and more surprises

What is Wild Grace?

Wild Grace is the female soul. It is what our generational wounds have quieted or repressed, and it lives dormant in our bodies and hearts. Wild Grace is always with us, and she is ready to emerge now. This is the work of The Immersion – to facilitate her Emergence.
Wild Grace is my 8-year-old daughter dressed with mismatched socks, hot pink leg warmers, leopard print pants, a tiger-striped shirt, and braided pig tails to boot. Wild Grace is her raw uninhibited feminine expression. Wild Grace is my mother dyeing her hair purple when she found out she would need chemotherapy for breast cancer. It was her voice ready to scream “Eff It” to the world. Wild Grace is our intuition and our deepest inner knowing. She is our creativity and our burning desires to invent and move and dance and paint and pray. She is our breath, our womb, the way our hips move when we make love, and that burning in our belly to lead life in a different way. She is the nudge you feel to follow a call, or to go a different route. She is the force behind our life.

Here’s what some of the women are saying about last year’s Immersion:

  • The group of women was so special. It was a great inner circle of support that felt amazing. It gave me a voice and a safe place to be me. I feel like our bond and friendships will extend way pass the retreat.

  • The Immersion is the best gift I could have given to myself. Michelle held space for us to share our stories, to find support, and develop relationships while she gracefully led us on this journey. She presented us with challenges, asked us thoughtful questions, and supported us in finding our truth. It’s unlike anything I have ever done before.

    The Immersion had a profound effect on my ability to cope as a woman and mother of two. I started a new career and am following my new passions as a yoga teacher. I can’t thank Michelle enough.

  • The Immersion has been life changing for me. I have found the strength to make big changes and create the life that I really want. I loved coming together with my group. I felt so supported. This has been an amazing experience and I am so happy that I decided to participate.

  • I highly recommend The Immersion for anyone who feels stuck, out of place, or has lost their way in life… It will transform you.

  • Be open and let it all go. It is totally worth the money, and frankly you forget what you spent because it becomes invaluable.
    The Immersion has allowed me to open myself up to the reality that there are normal women out there who are on similar journeys and that we don’t have to feel so alone. It has given me permission to focus on me and only me.