yoga. self-love. sisterhood.

Connect deeply with other women, feel at home in your body, and remember who you truly are.

The Practice® is a weekly ritual of showing up for yourself in a new way. It is a 10-week cathartic experience of yoga and connection. In a circle of like-minded women we let go of perfectionism, show up just as we are, and become whole again.

This is not a yoga class. This is a movement.

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Feminine Yoga

The Practice® is a feminine yoga and movement experience that helps you tap into your inner wisdom and deeper truths. It’s a practice that holds space for all our emotions, allows them to come to the surface, and release through the body. It’s about feeling your way through your body, letting go of perfectionism, and finding your own rhythm. It’s fluid, circular, sensual, intuitive, and grounded. Through trusting our body’s wisdom, we remember who we truly are.

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The Practice® is a weekly ritual where you show up for yourself in a new way. It’s about love and loyalty to yourself. We practice carving out space for ourselves each week, and showing up again and again, even in the chaos. For 10-weeks we practice self love through connection, deep conversations, journaling, meditation, stillness, peace, acceptance, patience, and grace. You will feel like you’ve found home.

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We crave real connection with other women. We heal when we are together. In a sacred circle, we practice being vulnerable and sharing who we truly are. This gives others permission to do the same and it’s where healing happens. When we open and heal, our world naturally changes. We have more patience, confidence, strength, acceptance, and grace. When we embody these qualities, it has a ripple effect on everything around us, and we can move forward, together.

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January 28, 2021

Things I do to Heal the Pain

This year at any given moment you could have found me on my knees, or in the fetal position, wishing for a different body or a different life. You could have found me in the car, driving, snot-nosed, tears blurring my view of the road, driving aimlessly with nowhere to go. You could have seen me sitting alone in my...

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