The birth of The Practice

The birth of The Practice

Today is a big day. I’ve been working behind the scenes for the past nine months and I feel like I have given birth to a third baby! It feels huge.

A year ago I started a program at Bloom Retreat called the Bloom Yoga Signature Series. I wanted to take my yoga classes deeper, get women to commit to themselves, and build connection and a meaningful community. In the 10-week signature series, I led a circle of women through a robust program that included yoga, deep conversations, and personal development. Because of our commitment to stay together through this journey, we created a safe environment where we could open up and be ourselves.

And magic started to happen!

Women connected and formed strong friendships. They left class together for lunch or coffee. In the strength of this new community, they started to consciously change their lives. I saw women heal wounded relationships, quit long-held bad habits, open and close businesses, and find their voices again so they could stand up for themselves in ways they never have. There were huge transformations that made me want to cry. Women reported feeling empowered, connected, worthy, strong, vibrant, and confident.

I was completely blown away by what was happening.

After leading a few of these series, I started to see that this was much more than a yoga class. This is a movement.

And more importantly, I started to see that this movement is not just about Bloom Retreat, or me as teacher. It’s about you, and about building a revolution of women who are finally standing up for themselves and saying yes to who they truly are.

As I was teaching these classes I heard myself saying things like:

The practice is committing to yourself.

The practice is being vulnerable because there you find you are not alone.

The practice is moving your body, and falling in love with it just as it is.

The practice is connecting deeply with other women.

The practice is being yourself authentically and unapologetically.

And when we practice in this way, not just on the mat, but in our lives, our relationships, our families, and our careers, the world can change. That’s what’s been happening.

The signature series has evolved into something much larger than I ever dreamed.  I now have visions of it popping up in studios, gyms, and community centers across the country.

And I now call it “The Practice.”

Without further ado, I invite you to watch my short video of real women experiencing The Practice, check out our brand new website, and become a part of this revolution.

We will be offering The Practice at Bloom starting in January. We have programs for all women, including prenatal mamas. Check out all the new programs HERE.

Space is really limited, so if you feel called, get in here. Now is the time.

And from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for being here and being a part of this unfolding that has the potential to change so many more lives.


Michelle Long

(Founder of Bloom Retreat and The Practice)

P.S. Bloom Retreat just grew up too. We have a whole new website for Bloom too. Click around and check it out.

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