You are not alone.

"You are not alone."

This morning I taught The Practice. It wasn’t a normal morning. Right away the grief and pain in the room was palpable. I knew I couldn’t lead our circle without giving space for everyone to share what was real. There was a lot of sadness, tears, and confusion after yesterday’s shooting. We sat in circle sharing our hearts without answers to any of our questions. We just held each other.

We cried, opened our hearts, listened, and let our yoga be our prayer.

I don’t have words for what is going on in this world. For the pain, the hurt, and all the fear.

But what I do know after all my years of sitting in circle with women is that connection is medicine.

What I see is that as a collective, and as a culture, we are extremely disconnected.

From ourselves.

From each other.

From our truth.

From our voice.

From the planet.

From a higher source.

And we need each other to heal.

We need to reconnect.

Connection is medicine.

I had an email planned tonight to tell you about The Practice Pop Up Classes coming up, but in light of yesterday’s tragedy, almost everything feels insignificant.

Today though, as we were in circle, I was reminded why I do this work. I was reminded why I show up even when it’s hard.

Because Connection.

Because we need each other.

Because we are not meant to do this life alone.

I’m sending you a big hug tonight. Just want you to know that you are not alone.



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