Who am I to ask for more?

"Who am I to ask for more?"

Are you considering joining us for The Practice Maui Retreat?

We will be there March 7 – 11.

(If you already know you’re in, save your spot HERE! Otherwise, keep reading.)

Do you stop yourself from investing in your dreams and desires?

In The Practice, I bring women together to create the space we need to let our true selves fully emerge.

After years of this kind of intimate, transformative experience, and leading circle for thousands of women, I’ve seen patterns in the kind of roadblocks and myths that we tell ourselves. It’s like we set up booby traps all around us so that we can’t actually do what we want to do. There is always a reason why we can’t or shouldn’t show up for ourselves in the way we desire.

Last night I taught The Practice, and several women were discussing Maui, and whether or not they should/would go. I heard the desire in each woman’s voice. One women said “Oh, I would love to go to Maui.” Another said, “Maui, would be amazing…”.

And after each woman spoke, I heard another loaded word: “BUT.”

“But I don’t know. It feels too far away from the kids.

“But we’ve already taken so many trips this year.”

“But I just can’t imagine spending that kind of money on myself.”

Booby traps.
Myths and stories.
Disempowering beliefs.

Here’s a couple I want to unpack.

Belief #1: Who am I to ask for more?

For a lot of us, it feels like too much to think that we could ask for space for ourselves, for time that is JUST ours, and for the chance to hear our own voice loud and clear without distractions, and kids, and work yelling in the background.

I hear this from women all the time — that they feel selfish, or like it would be “too much” to get away, plus, how would our families and jobs function without us?

If this feels true for you, consider this:

Slowing down, even stepping completely away for a period of time, can offer the exact perspective shift that we need to return refreshed & renewed.

Your gift to the world is showing up fully as yourself.

For your kids, for your relationship, for the people you serve. If you are broken and depleted, there is nothing left to give. If you feel resentful and like you never get what you want and need, then most likely you aren’t showing up as the best, fullest version of yourself.

We can find this part of ourselves when we create the space to listen to what we need.

Living a more aligned life starts with saying to YES to ourselves, and yes, Sister, asking for more.

This is where Maui comes in.

Maui is a sacred and mystical place that allows us to immediately drop in to ourselves and let go of anything holding us back. We will stay in a private villa in Keihe, steps away from the beach. The villa is designed for goddesses. It has ocean views, a private pool and hot tub, spacious bedrooms, a glorious lanai, gardens, and a stunning rooftop deck for sister circles and yoga under the stars. We will live like the queens we are for a week in paradise!

You will leave Maui feeling like yourself again. And everyone around you will feel the benefit of you coming back renewed.

Belief #2: I can’t spend money on myself when the rest of the family would love a trip…

I completely understand this. I have two kids and a husband who love to travel with me.

It can be hard to justify spending money on a retreat “just for you.”

Guilt. Guilt. Guilt.

I remember the first retreat that I went on. It was across the country, for a whole week, and the investment was more than I had ever spent on myself. But looking back it wasn’t really the money that concerned me. My husband was fine about the investment. He was even encouraging me to go. It was that I didn’t think I was worth it.

I am really good at putting everyone else first, and myself last. Old patterns die hard.

But here’s the thing, I said yes, and that retreat changed me. I got to be alone for a whole week and remember who I truly am. I got to be a woman, without anyone hanging on me, or needing anything from me. I got to be myself. I felt alive again.

In the end, I realized I am worth it, and getting away, carving out space like this just for me, is the medicine I need. Now I commit to yearly retreats as a form of self-care and as part of my responsibility for taking care of everyone else in my life.

Belief #3: I can’t leave my husband/partner/mom alone with the kids.

Um yes, you can.

And you know what? They will love it. They will have their own special time, and make memories without you. They will stay up late and their hair will be in lop-sided pigtails. They will eat cupcakes right before bed and fall asleep in front of the television. But they will survive.

And when you come home and hug them with sun-kissed skin and a cheeky smile, remembering your time away, you will know that this is the medicine you need.

Gather with us in Maui, grow with us, and feel the support as every element of your life unfolds.

Here’s the deal…
  • We gather March 7-11, 2019.
  • SAVE $200 when you enroll before November 1, 2018. Use discount code SELFLOVE.
  • Priority registration closes November 1, 2018.
  • Space is very limited. Save your spot now.
Can’t wait to see you there.
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