Where is Silence Hiding You?

"Where is Silence Hiding You?"

Maybe you feel heavy because you are hiding your truth.
We fall.
Heavy and quiet.
Open your mouth.
She calls.
But still…

Where are you hiding your silence?
Do you say Yes, even when every part of your body
Quivers and shakes with No?

Do you hold back from your dreams and singing your song
Because of what she might think?
Maybe she won’t like you.
Maybe it won’t be perfect.
Maybe you are not worthy,
Not pretty,
Not strong
Not smart

God forgot you.
You will fail.
Maybe you already have.

Maybe she won’t catch you.
Maybe she will kick you when you are already down.

But what is the true cost of
Your dreams
Your truth
Your voice
Being seen
Feeling heard
Fully Expressed
Because there is nothing left to hold on to.

Where is silence hiding you?
Empty your truth.
______________________________ ____

This week in The Practice we are talking about how as women we use silence to block ourselves from what we most desire. We say yes when we want to shout no. We stay even when every part of our body wants out. We don’t speak up because of what people might think, and as a result, we live our lives only halfway.

The Practice is about living all the way, and removing our own blocks so we can get where we desire.

Join me on Sunday, February 11th, for The Practice Self Love Mini Retreat. The Practice was created to bring us back home to ourselves. It is a journey laced with feminine yoga, deep conversations, journaling, meditation, and sisterhood. The Practice is a way to explore your inner truth and listen to the wisdom that lives in your own heart. It is a way to get to know yourself, for real. The retreat will be a very special afternoon carved out just for you.

Go HERE for all the details. Only a few spots remain.

Can’t make the retreat, but still want to experience The Practice? I have several Pop Ups happening in February and March. Go HERE to check out the deets.
Also if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our 10-Day Spring Community Cleanse coming soon as well. Another way to love yourself. Go HERE for those details.

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