This is really edgy… but here goes (warning: profanity included)

"This is really edgy… but here goes (warning: profanity included)"

I’m feeling kind of edgy today, and I wanted to share this with you in case you missed it our Private Facebook group the other day…

I like to say Fuck. (If you don’t like profanity, please forgive me, and I promise there is a larger point to this post).

Yes, Fuck. I have been playing with my edges lately and letting out some of the more gritty sides of myself that can be hidden under my softer, more graceful parts. I think as women we are all guilty of this to some extent. I know I do it, my mom definitely did it, and I see it in the women all around us. We hide the grit. We cover our edges, so that only the “perfect” parts of ourselves are revealed to the world. This way, we are seen as the “ideal” women that we long to be. But by doing this we fall short of letting out our real selves and becoming who we really truly are.

Yes, I am soft, I am very feminine and graceful, and at the same time I like to say Fuck. Not in a mean, put-down way – never at anyone, or in front of my kids, but in an empowering strong kind-of way. I like to use it in a way that gives fire and strength to whatever I am expressing.

Saying Fuck at the appropriate times makes me feel strong and empowered. Somehow it makes me feel beautiful. But here I sit, worried what you are going to think of me as you read this. Will you think I am not nice? Will you think I am not soft and nurturing? Will you judge me because I said the f-word?


Well, here is what I say: Fuck that. I am graceful, feminine, nurturing, and I have edges. I am both grace and grit. I am all things. And I kinda like myself with all my textures and colors.
So today, I invite you to explore some of your edges. This is a conversation we have been having at Bloom in our yoga classes and groups. What is something about yourself that you tend to hide because you are afraid of what others will think? What is a part of you that you think you are better off hiding?
At Bloom we want to embrace every soft curve and every edge of who you are. We want to see the whole you. If you love this, and it resonates, I invite you to check out my new online course, Becoming Grace, where we will get down and dirty with becoming who we really are. Together, we will lift the veil so that both your stunning grace and raw grit shine brightly. It is time to own who you are, unapologetically, and make space for yourself.


All the details for Becoming Grace are right here >>


To becoming who we truly are,

Michelle Long (Bloom Retreat Founder)

P.S. I shared a version of this post a few weeks back in our private Facebook Group, Bloom Retreat Conversations. Are you are in there yet? Really juicy stuff is happening in there. Go HERE to join.

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