The Collective

The Collective

The Practice® Collective is a group of healers, creatives, and makers who are living the values and message of The Practice. The Practice is about living our fully expressed lives, and stepping out of our own way. These women are not only doing this for themselves, but they are here to help other women do the same.

The Collective is a group of women working side by side in collaboration and sisterhood to help women rise and bring women together in a new way. 

The Collective is growing, so stay tuned for more magic.

Jadah Sellner, Business Consulting & Mastermind Groups

You’re a visionary who wants to build a sustainable business with grace and balance. Most importantly, with love. You want to reach more people, get clarity on next steps, and receive personalized feedback on your offerings and contribution to the world.

Jadah Sellner is a best-selling author, the host of the Lead with Love™ podcast, and international keynote and TEDx speaker helping redefine the way we work, lead and love.

As a serial entrepreneur, online community growth strategist and business mentor, Jadah now dedicates her time consulting companies and personal brands build communities with love, service, and impact. Learn more at or follow her on social media @jadahsellner

(You may also know her from her work as co-founder and co-author of Simple Green Smoothies, which has been featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and CBS’s The Doctors TV Show.)

When Jadah‘s not speaking on stages, you can catch her reading Shel Silverstein poems at the dinner table, dancing in her living room, or sipping on a Chai tea latte by a cozy fireplace. Jadah lives in the San Francisco bay area with her husband, daughter, and “chiweenie” dog.

Tammie Ginocchio, Massage Therapy & Yoga

It’s been an amazing journey to get to where I am today with my Massage & Yoga Practice. Through 18 years of teaching the type of Yoga that I love to feel in my own body, and practicing during three pregnancies as well (which saved me on many occasions!!) And 12 years of Practice as a Massage Therapist, starting out in the living room of my tiny home, (until our first son needed to take over that space). Then I took it to peoples houses and eventually I found my path to The Practice for Women in Walnut Creek. 
I feel that now, almost 20 years since starting my Yoga Practice and beginning to receive massage, I have arrived at the beginning of a new journey. It is my intention to move beyond massage as a luxury or a splurge on vacation at a spa, or to take multiple yoga classes only to feel like your more uncomfortable and unfamiliar with your body. This is an education in self-care, not from me, but through your personal experiences on the massage table &/or the Yoga mat. A routine, a practice, ritual, whatever you’d like to call it. Ultimately, I’d like us to work together to find out what your body requires to maintain balance, how you can move to awaken your muscles and joints in a new way, and how to stay ahead of some of the chronic discomfort that comes from being human. We were made to be real, not to be perfect. Are you interested in taking this journey with me? Do you have the desire to Invest in You…?

Julee Herrmann, Reclaiming Studios

Ever since I was a little girl I have used the Expressive Arts for healing. They helped me focus, and provided an escape to a place where I felt safe, seen, and held. This world I created helped me through the most challenging events of my life––from childhood, through my teens, and the ugliest parts of my twenties. Now in my forties, Expressive Art is more important to me than ever, and I feel called to share the tools I’ve used with others.

My work over the last decade has taught me that people have a strong yearning to connect with their creativity. I’ve also learned that each person expresses their creativity in a uniquely personal way. When I share what I’ve learned with people, I help them gain insights into their own story. And in the process they rediscover the self soothing tools they have been missing since early childhood.

When I was a young adult people told me I should be a teacher. I never thought I had anything worthwhile to share. Now I know that sharing Expressive Arts with our community at The Practice is the next stop in the journey of my heart’s expression.

I’m Julee Herrmann, Founder of Canvas and Cabernet, Reclaiming Studios, and the Transformational Art Experience.

Leslie Dinatale, Massage Therapy

Receive. You deserve it. Receive the incredible, beautiful, caring power of human touch. It brings you so much closer to balanced energy. That precious energy that connects body, mind, heart and HER. With balanced energy we are able to truely breathe in life and nourish our spirit.

I grew up studying classical piano, my hands learning the nuances of musical technique and performance. These hands found their way to massage almost 25 years ago. The American Institute of Massage Therapy in Walnut Creek, founded and taught by a charismatic blind woman,  brought me a deeper perspective of intuition through touch. 

Continuously serving the Bay Area over these years, my practice has given me the gift of developing my own style that can change to suit the needs of each session. I incorporate the theories of swedish, acupressure, shiatsu, pre-natal, LaStone, aromatherapy and other modalities. 

Let’s spend some time together! Let’s take good care of you,  you DESERVE to be treated well.

Kristin Jones, EmPowered Pilates

I remember it like it was yesterday…

Sixteen years old and sitting on the kitchen counter with the room filled with relatives. I jumped off the counter and when I landed with a thud, my uncle made a comment for everyone in the room to hear:

“Better be careful or you might break the floor next time you jump off the counter like that.”

I pretended to laugh it off, but this was the beginning of a downward spiral…that one innocent comment struck a deep chord within me, and soon I had developed an eating disorder that would turn into a lifelong battle.

Although a constant challenge to deal with, my unhealthy focus on image and weight has proven to be a blessing because it has fueled my desire to help other women dealing with their own body image issues. Just like me, these women desperately want to be healthy and happy with their bodies, but find life overwhelming. They “have to” care for everyone around them, so their own needs always come last. My goal is to assist women in recognizing that they must come first and to put their priorities at the top of their “to do” list.

I started teaching group fitness classes when I was 18  years old and did it for 14 years but once I started my career as a middle school English and History teacher, I had to give it up, yet I  missed the excitement and fun of helping others get healthy. In 2016, I not only attended the Inferno Hot Pilates training in San Francisco and started teaching classes at studios in Livermore, Dublin, and Santa Rosa, but I also became a certified personal trainer.

I am the owner of Kristin Jones Coaching, where I specialize in helping people discover the wellness, health, and vitality they desire, by taking a holistic approach to uncover what their “one thing” is that will get their lives back on track. I incorporate many aspects of Pilates into my training of clients and I absolutely love the workout and the changes it can make to the physical body.  More important than that, it is the empowerment, acceptance, and personal responsibility that the class provides for its students that motivates me to be the best teacher I can be.

Would you love to join The Collective?


We are looking for magical women healers, creatives, coaches, therapists, yoga teachers, or group leaders, to join the fabulous women of The Practice Collective.

Are you an entrepreneurial woman who has always dreamed of being part of a soul-centered community? Are you in business for yourself, but would love to show up to work each day and share space and tea with other like-minded business owners? Would you love to collaborate and build your business alongside other bad ass women? Are you seeking a home to call your own?

If you would love to rent an office or studio part-time or full-time in our beautiful space, than this might be the perfect fit. Contact us and we will give you all the details.