Stop Doing Yoga Like a Man

Stop Doing Yoga Like a Man

Before I say anything, I want to preface this with the fact that I love both yoga and men. All kinds of each actually. 😉 So, this email isn’t to knock yoga or men, but after teaching yoga for 17 years, I’ve noticed something that I can’t be quiet about anymore.

We need to stop doing yoga like men.

Here’s the thing. We live in a culture that is dominated and driven by masculine energy. We are masters at gettin’ it done. We thrive on over-performing, at perfecting, at pushing, at competing, and at winning. We base our self-worth on how much money we make, how big our house is, how skinny we are, how many calories we burned, how great our yoga pose looks, and how many times a week we work out.

I woke up to the fact that this way of living—this feeling of pushing, perfecting, and performing—actually makes its way into all aspects of our life, including our yoga. I woke up to the fact that of course we are extra good at mastering and perfecting and moving through life with a masculine tone, because we even take yoga classes to practice it.

I caught myself going to yoga practice to perfect my poses. To sweat as much as I could, to sculpt my body into the perfect skinny version of myself, and to silently compete with the woman on the mat next to me. Yup, I admit it. I used to silently compete to have a better back bend than the lady next to me.

But it wasn’t my fault, and it’s not anyone’s fault. We were raised this way. For generations we have been raised to live life in competition, and we don’t know any other way. We don’t really even question it.

Except, we are starting to get tired. We might not be able to name this feeling of deep exhaustion, or know where it’s coming from, but I am sure (at least for myself) that all this pushing and perfecting is starting to wear us down. We women are craving a different way of living that actually matches who we are.

We’ve lost sight of our own creative nature, our sensuality, and what it means to be feminine and to live in a woman’s body. We’ve forgotten how to ask our bodies what we need. We’ve given our authority away to this masculine way of being. Without question.

We need a new kind of practice—a practice just for women. One where we press pause on this masculine way of living and feel what it’s like to live life through a feminine lens. One where soft is the new hard, where we can practice receiving instead of giving, and where we can learn to surrender instead of to push.  It’s time we start listening to our own bodies and our deepest wisdom and ask what life (and yoga) could look like through this new paradigm of feminine embodiment.

I don’t know about you, but I want to feel open, fluid, sensual, sexy, connected, liberated, confident, and free. What if we went to a yoga class to practice this instead? What if we made space for a practice that embodied who we truly are?

Well, clearly I feel so passionate about this, so I invented The Practice®. 🙂 It is all this and more.

The Practice is connection. It is cathartic. It is healing. It is deep conversations and sisterhood, laughter and tears. It is moving our bodies intuitively, in a way that feels good. It is circular, and fluid, and sensual, and soft.

The Practice feels like a feminine prayer.

New 10-week programs start next week, and I have a few spots remaining. Want to join?

I teach on Sunday mornings at 9:30am, Monday evenings at 7:00pm, and Elsa teaches on Thursday mornings at 10am.

Go here for The Practice program details.

I also am offering an online homestudy program for women who don’t live locally. We start on Wednesday. Check that out here…

Go here for The Online Homestudy program details.

Oh, and, I have a little gift for you… if you want to take a tiny peek at what the movement looks like, and how we move in a femimine way in The Practice, I have a new video clip to share with you. Click on the image above…

Hope to see you soon, 



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