On Betrayal and Trust of Other Women

"On Betrayal and Trust of Other Women"

In the past years I have felt betrayed by women in ways that hurt my heart deeper than any man has ever hurt me.

As women we’ve been taught to compete, to fight, to judge, to compare, and to pit women against each other. We’ve been taught that there isn’t enough, that we aren’t enough, and that she must be against us. We’ve been taught not to trust each other.

But what if there was another way? A way to soften, to allow, to lean in, and to trust her? 
Something shifts when we see that she is no different. That she is me.

When we lean in with curiosity instead of judgment something opens. When we see her through eyes of compassion and unconditional love something softens. When we see that her wounds are similar to our own, we heal.

I’m learning to let go of the fight, and instead to invite her in. Allow her in. To my wounds. To my heart. To my soul. Together we have the power to become whole again, and to pave a new way.
I still stumble. I still break. And sometimes I still feel betrayed. But I trust this path because it feels like love.

Let the way be open. Honor your sisters. Stand up for deep reverence and respect of who we truly are, and of each other. Allow her in.
This is The Practice. 

Michelle Long, MA
Founder of The Practice® 

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