I learned this from my son…

"I learned this from my son…"

unnamedSo I have been thinking about my son lately (bear with me because this actually has to do a lot with us women too). He’s 8, and he’s amazing. He’s smart, funny, sensitive, loving, and bugs the crap out of his little sister. He loves to climb rocks, hike, sleep in a tent, build things, use power tools, day dream, do yoga, and ride his scooter. But give him a football or basketball, and he won’t know what to do about it. He could care less about competitive sports, or anything to do with a ball, really…


I’ve known this about him since he was one year old. Sports and balls are just not his thing. And I have to admit, I have struggled with this over the past several years. I worry he’ll struggle because most other boys love sports. I worry that he will feel left out, or not enough, or…. fill in the blank. I loved sports when I was a kid, and I’ve wanted him to have the same experience I had. But it’s just not him.


I caught myself getting frustrated with him, wanting him to be something he isn’t, and I realized that want was coming from my own fears. I was projecting my own insecurities onto my son, and we were both frustrated.


And then a dear friend reminded me last week something truly important.

She said: “He knows who he is…. Underneath everything he knows exactly what he wants and who he is. So follow that.”

So I’ve recommitted to investing in exactly who he is, so that he can shine in his own bright ways. Not the ways society tells us he should, or because of my own fears and projections.

Then I started thinking this is true for us women too. Underneath everything, we know exactly who we are and what we want, but we tend to get distracted, and go in different directions because of who we think we should be, or how society wants us to be. We sculpt our lives around other people’s ideals and projections. We squeeze into boxes, and outfits, and homes, and jobs that just aren’t us. And then we forget who we are….

All the work we do at Bloom is to help us women (and our kids) remember who we truly are. We support each other to stand up for that, wholeheartedly and unapologetically, because that’s where confidence, freedom, and joy can truly be found.

So today I invite you to take a quiet moment and to remember who you truly are. Celebrate that.

And if you have a kid who might love yoga (like my son), we have our Fall Kids and Tween 10-Week Yoga Series starting right after Labor Day. It’s the perfect way for kids to grow and play and be in their bodies in a fun and non-competitive way. The classes are already filling up, so grab a spot now. Go HERE for all the details.

Also, we have a couple of dates on the calendar for Family Yoga, which is also a blast.




Michelle Long (Bloom Founder)


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