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      The Practice® Women’s Yoga and Leadership Training

      A 9-month immersion into the teachings and philosophy of The Practice® – a combination of women’s yoga, sacred circle, and feminine leadership. 

      We need a new kind of yoga – a yoga just for women. We need a practice that is responsive to what women need. One where it’s safe for us to show up just as we are. Where we get to make the rules, move our bodies in ways that feel good, connect, share, and heal together. We need a yoga practice that honors us completely. One where soft is the new hard, where we can practice receiving instead of giving, and where we can learn to surrender instead of to push.  It’s time we start listening to our own bodies and our deepest wisdom and ask what yoga looks like for a woman.

      Join us for the next training starting January 2019.

      July 2018

      • The Practice® Pop-Up

        • 07/26/2018
        • Thursday
        • 10:00am - 12:00pm

        Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself? Do you feel like you can’t hear your own voice anymore? Do you crave deep connection with other women and sacred time to yourself?

        The Practice® is a journey into ourselves using feminine yoga, deep conversations, journaling, and meditation to connect to own heart’s desires. It’s is a way to explore your inner truth and listen to the wisdom that lives in your own heart. It is a way to get to know yourself, for real.

        This signature program is life changing, and gives a woman everything she needs to find her way back home.

        Join us for a pop-up one-time session of The Practice. If you’ve always been curious about the experience, and want to get a taste of the magic, this is for you. If you simply need time away to be yourself and to connect with a community of women, then this is also perfect for you.

        New 10-week programs kick off in April, come experience The Practice before our new sessions begin.

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      • More Programs at The Practice for Women

        Our schedule is constantly evolving.  Please call for more details or click on the link below to see our full schedule.

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