Winter Solstice Yoga & Goddess Circle

"Winter Solstice Yoga & Goddess Circle"

The Winter Solstice marks the darkest and shortest day of the year. At this time, Nature asks us to slow down, go inward and retreat, be with loved ones, and listen rather than speak. In contrast, the holiday season has us moving faster and faster, frantically rushing to the malls, and stressing ourselves out with activities and parties. What our bodies are truly asking for is to rest, dream, and gather strength for the renewal of the season ahead. Many of us have forgotten how to slow down and take time out during this busy time.

This candlelit yoga experience, and exploration of the dark Goddess, led by Liz Kelly, will guide you deep into yourself, help you slow down and find that inner quiet, and dream with a circle of women.

Connect. Reflect. Move. Rest.

Open to all levels of yoga.

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