Did you see this?

"Did you see this?"

A few months ago, I had one of my real, raw moments at my kitchen table and recorded a short video just for you. I’m always nervous to share these videos because I’m make-up free, and feel super exposed, but the response I got back was HUGE, so I wanted to share it again today because it was so profound.

It’s time to stop hiding and let go of the BS…

If you know you were meant for something deeper in your life, and you’re ready to transform the part of you that feels lost, then I would love for you to join me in my next 10-Week Signature Yoga Series starting kicking off September 12.

We have four new 10-Week Yoga or Sculpt Series starting this month.

The Grace Yoga Series is: a yoga and self-discovery practice for all levels. Each week will be a 90-minute experience for body and soul that will leave you feeling more connected to yourself and others. We start with a 60-minute soulful yoga flow that feels much like a dance. You will sweat, release, and change while moving to inspiring music. You will get your heart rate up and connect you with your soul. Offered Saturday and Wednesday mornings at 9:15. See all the details HERE.

The Strong Yoga Series is: is a 90-minute intense / nurturing / cathartic yoga class married with journaling, personal development, and of deep connection with other women. We start by identifying an intention or pattern that is holding us back in life. We deepen the intention with a 60-minute yoga class that will leave you sweating, opening, and wanting more. You will get your heart rate up while connecting with your soul. We close the practice with journaling, conversation, and meditation. Offered Monday evenings at 7:00 pm. See all the details HERE.

The Prenatal Yoga Series is: a yoga practice designed to help you not only connect with yourself and your baby, but also with a community of expecting mamas so that you don’t feel alone on your journey. You will have the opportunity to be with the same group of women for the whole 10-week series, getting to know them on a deep level. This creates a unique and safe container for you to unravel and explore everything you are feeling in your pregnancy. Offered Wednesday evenings at 6:30. See all details HERE.

The Power Sculpt Series is: a 60-minute invigorating small group personal fitness program. This muscle and body sculpting experience is mixed with bursts of cardio, strength, and suspension band training for women of all levels wanting to be challenged both in body and mind. Throughout the class, your heart will be pumping, your muscles will be working, and your body will be changing. After 45-minutes of circuit training, you will spend 15 minutes in self-reflection, goal setting, and group discussion. This is perfect for you if you are wanting to get back into shape and or build strength and stamina. Offered Tuesday and Saturday mornings. See all details HERE.

If you were a part of the past Signature Series, we will continue to grow together with new ideas, fresh conversation, and new yoga moves, so join again and keep the momentum going.


P.S. If you watched the video and it resonates, I would love to see you in the comments below and hear your thoughts. It’s a beautiful chance to start to lift your own veil and share what you are thinking.

Excited to see your comments and thank you so much for reading, watching and being a part of this revolutionary community of women.

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