The Practice® Is

To show up just as you are, imperfect, messy, raw and beautiful.
To find stillness, even in the storms.
To be open and vulnerable, because there you will find you are not alone.
To say No.
To commit to yourself over and over again.
To ask for what you need.
To remember to breathe, even in the challenge.
To connect deeply with other women.
To give yourself permission to dream.
To say Yes to your desires and believe that you are worth it.
To fiercely follow your passions and let out your roar.
To love yourself.
To fall in love with your body just as it is.
To lift the veil of perfection and remember who you truly are.

A Cathartic Experience of Yoga & Connection

The Practice® is a blend of yoga, personal development, self-love, and community. For 10 weeks, you will move your body to amazing music, dive deep into conversations with other women, journal, cry, explore new parts of yourself, release tension, and find strength and grace in a safe and supportive circle. The Practice® is a weekly ritual of showing up for yourself in a new way. You get to lift the veil of perfection and show up just as you are. Together, we put back the pieces of our broken, imperfect selves, and become whole again. The Practice® is the solution to living the life you long for.

This is not a yoga class.
This is a movement.

After years of owning and running Bloom Retreat,

a yoga studio just for women, I had the unique experience of holding space for thousands of women, paying attention to our behaviors, struggles, and desires. I got to see women in the raw — the imperfections, the gritty sides of our nature, the beauty that we sometimes hide, the anxiety and fear, and all the grace in between. I got to see how amazing we are, and how, at the same time, we are hurting.

We feel pressure to be a perfect wife, mom, daughter, business woman, and friend. We struggle to become something others want us to be or to fit into a mold that just doesn’t fit.

We crave deep connection with other women, yet we are scared of what people might think of us. We suffer silently, and alone.

We want a revolution in our own lives. We want to feel better in our bodies, we want space to think and dream. We want to create, move, dance and love freely. We want to heal our relationships, feel confident in our decisions, and live unapologetically. And while we all long for this, we don’t know the way.

Through running my studio, and my own life experience, I started to understand what women really need, and dreamed of something that could pull us back together and make us a whole again.

I have been teaching yoga since 2003, I have Master’s Degree in Holistic Health Education, I am a Women’s Wholeness Coach, and I have been leading women’s support circles for years. I am also a wife, mother, business owner, and woman who has lived through my own hardships. I started to wonder what would happen if I pulled all of my knowledge, personal experience, and research into one solution for women. This is how The Practice® was born.

In 2014 I offered The Practice® for the first time. For 12 weeks, I led a circle of women through a robust program that included yoga, deep conversations, and personal development. Because of our commitment to stay together through this journey, we created a safe environment where we could open up and be ourselves. Magic started to happen! Women connected and made friends. They left class together for lunch or coffee. In the strength of this new community, they started to consciously change their lives.

Michelle Long


I saw women heal wounded relationships, quit long-held bad habits, open and close businesses, and find their voices again so they could stand up for themselves in ways they never have.

There were huge transformations that made me want to cry. Women reported feeling empowered, connected, worthy, strong, vibrant, and confident.

A revolution is taking place. It’s a revolution of women waking up to themselves and becoming who they true are. Women are breaking down the walls of perfectionism and living free and aligned. Women are supporting each other and cheering each other on. This is a revolution of women tapping into their strengths and having a lot more to give to their families and to the world.

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