A Life Changing Decision about the Future of The Practice

"A Life Changing Decision about the Future of The Practice"

I am writing to you under the light of the full moon on the Spring Equinox. We are moving into the light, and the moon is dawning. The air is fresh from light rain, new buds are blossoming on the trees in my yard, and each breath I take is a reminder that life is full of new beginnings, deaths and rebirths, and that these cycles of life spiral us closer to ourselves and our truth.
This last quarter in The Practice we have been moving through the question: What do you need to let die in order to let yourself fully live?” I have been holding this question dear to my own heart as I have danced alongside the women each week in our circle.
I had a vision a couple months ago in a meditation. I saw the mulberry tree in my backyard, bare and naked in winter. In the summer she becomes vibrant, full, and luscious with her thick green leaves. She makes shade for my children and me to rest in the summer sun. Her leaves dance in the wind and shimmer in the moonlight. She is gorgeous. And then, just like that, when fall rolls around, she slowly, without attachment, lets go of her leaves. They gracefully fall back to the earth, and create huge piles that my kids love to run and jump in. She moves into the next cycle of her life with grace and complete ease. Her leaves are then composted into the earth, and become something new.
I saw that tree in my meditation, and what struck me is that when fall comes, she just lets go. She lets go of her leaves without question and without trying to hold on. She knows what she needs to let die in order to let herself fully live. And in the spring she once again blooms with a quiet knowing that she will let go and be reborn over and over again.
And then, in my meditation, I saw myself, and all the women I serve, and how we often have a hard time letting go. It’s hard to let our leaves fall. We are terrified of change, terrified of stepping fully into ourselves, and so we hold on. We grip and fight, and we don’t let go. 
I saw myself, unlike my mulberry tree, not letting my leaves fall. I saw myself holding on tightly, gripping my leaves, and shoving them back onto my body. I saw myself keeping every leaf from every season, for fear of letting go, and I felt the pain that comes with holding on so tight. 
And I suddenly saw that it’s time for me to let go. It’s time to let my leaves fall, without attachment, and step fully into the next season and cycle of my life.
And so, here I sit, under the light of the full moon, ready to share something I have been holding close to my heart for months.
After almost 8 years of owning and running a women’s yoga studio, I have decided that it is time to finally let go. As of May 1st, the studio and building we have all known and loved as both Bloom Retreat and The Practice will no longer be mine. A dear friend and sister is stepping into to take over the space and bring her own magic to our sanctuary and create something different.
By letting go of this sacred space I have called home for so many years, I am free to step into the next calling of my soul and my work.
As you read this, I know many of you will have feelings of grief and sadness, as this space has also been your home. I am with you. I swing from moments of complete grief and feelings of loss, to excitement and knowing that the next level of community and transformation is ahead. 
So, as you read these words, please know that this is in no way the end. This is a beginning. This is a new season and cycle of The Practice.
So, here’s the deal….
The Practice is going national. It has been my dream for a long time to step beyond the walls of our studio space in Walnut Creek and begin training women to facilitate The Practice nationally, even globally. I see women teaching and practicing together all over the world. And for this to happen, I need to be set free.
I will be leading retreats, local day-long gatherings, virtual sister circles, and trainings in beautiful places. I will be stepping more fully into my calling to lead and gather more and more women to this vision.
I will be passing the baton to the women I have been training in the past couple years, to now teach our local 10-week programs of The Practice. These women are ready to share their wisdom and gifts with the community. I am ready to see them fly.
There are three things I want you to know right now.
  1. We will be offering one more 10-week session of The Practice in our beautiful space this Spring, April-June. Our newest leaders, Elsa, Tara, and Jackie will be guiding circles for the last time at 1444 South Main Street in Walnut Creek. If you have been a part of The Practice in the past, come for one last round in our sacred home with your sisters. Support yourself and our newest teachers. We are offing $200 off The Practice as a parting a gift, if you register before March 26th. Go HERE to register.
  2. Let’s celebrate! I wanted to throw a party to celebrate how far we’ve come and how far we are going! On Saturday, April 27th, I will be hosting The Practice Picnic Party at a beautiful private location in the foothills of Mt. Diablo. Come practice in a circle of your friends and sisters, picnic in the spring sun, enjoy a pool party, and maybe a glass of wine! It will be a day retreat you don’t want to miss. Space is limited. If you have been a part of this community, or you’ve been watching from the sidelines, come celebrate with us! Bring your mom or a friend! Go HERE to register, or scroll down for all the deets.
  3. I am just getting started. There is so much I want to share with you about my process of letting go, where I’ve been on this wild amazing journey, and where I am going. I will be sharing my story with you in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. It’s juicy and exciting. I will talk about breaking old patterns in myself that I inherited from my mom. I will share what it took to let go of something that has been so meaningful to me, and how grief and beauty walk hand in hand. I am still in the process of stepping more fully into myself and my calling, and I will be inviting a small group of women to journey with me very soon on something I have never done before. Stay tuned for more.
And from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for following. Thank you for being a part of this community. This space in Walnut Creek has been a home to me. I have witnessed thousands of women transform under this roof. I have watched healing practitioners and yoga teachers step more fully into their magic. I have watched women connect and become life-long friends. I have watched women heal and remember who they truly are. Over and over again. It has been the blessing of a lifetime.

With a deep bow in gratitude and grace, 

Thank you.


Michelle Long, Founder of The Practice
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